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Jordan Oaks Ranch

Home of Equine Performance Partnership

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Welcome to Jordan Oaks Ranch, home of NCHA Hall of Fame Trainer, Doug Jordan and the Equine Performance Partnership! Hidden away just a short drive from the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Jordan Oaks Ranch is the perfect place to step away from the hustle of daily life.

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Equine Performance Partnership

Established with the horse in mind, Equine Performance Partnership was founded by Doug and Amy Jordan. With philosophies deeply rooted in those taught by Ray Hunt and Tom Dorrance, you will find Doug’s approach to training emphasizes an ever—evolving relationship between horse-first principles and the demands of training for performance purposes.


What people are saying

"I have often focused on patterns and exercises and the pressures and cues and the application of all of it as I thought it was about what you did that made a horseman… Doug has quietly led me to feel that its not so much about what you do but rather what you don’t do that is important. His guidance has helped me feel how stillness produces lightness and how the lightness produces willingness. The softest notes can only be heard by those who become still. I thank Doug for showing me how peaceful silence is and how much meaning it gives sound."

Jake Anderson

I saw Doug work at the Legacy of Legends and audited his clinic in Madison. He got more done with horse and rider than I have seen at a clinic. Incredible talent for horses and people. He took those horses and riders further in two days than they would get in a lifetime. He changed their perspective, their narrative. Best money and time you will ever spend.

Jean Ann Kidd

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