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Doug Jordan
Horseman and

NCHA Hall Of Fame Open Rider


Doug and Amy Jordan have navigated the ever-evolving equine industry for nearly four decades. Doug recalls becoming hooked on the sport of cutting at the age of eleven and had successfully trained his first competitive cutter by the time he was just thirteen years old. His personal accomplishments boast titles at numerous major NCHA events, and training the likes of several phenominal show horses such as Lenas Telesis and Smart Little Tee just to name a few. Doug was inducted  into the National Cutting Horse Associations Hall of Fame in 2000. After being only the second rider in NCHA history (following Shorty Freeman and Doc Olena in 1970) to win every go-round during the NCHA Futurity, Doug and Cols Lil Pepper took home the Reserve Champion title. This was only Doug's third trip to the Futurity but it set the stage for many more finals and championships. Amy has been there every step of the way, from loping down colts, to getting horses show-pen ready and lets not forget all of the long hard hours dedicated to the horse training family and raising their son, Levi.


They have track record that goes far beyond the sandy arena of the cutting pen and the couple's concentration has now transitioned from competitively training cutting horses, to sharing and promoting a truer connection between horse and rider. Doug’s horsemanship is a constant cycle of progression and refinement. As a student, you will find his style reflects that of prominent influences such as Ray Hunt and Tom Dorrance, and is often collaborated with that of other true protégé of the legends. With techniques that stress the importance of giving the horse a choice, Doug focuses on key components that will put purpose to your horsemanship as he covers such principles as proper timing and positioning, developing feel, building confidence and of course, understanding how a horse’s mind operates.



Equine Performance Partnership

Equine Performance Partnership was formed in 2018 with the idea of promoting a more horse-first way of creating a partnership between horse and rider. Where others have given up, Doug has taken the initiative to work with horses and riders of all backgrounds and disciplines to deliver instruction and clinics across the United States and abroad ranging in skill from basic horsemanship to advanced cattle handling techniques.

Through his experiences Doug has developed technique that stress the importance of giving the horse the freedom to explore rather than training through repression. This not only helps to build a foundation of confidence it creates a connection that the horse can return to time and time again. It is their hope that through Equine Performance Partnership, Doug and Amy will influence those horsemen and women who desire to put purpose behind their horsemanship and develop the freedom to explore rather than training through repetition.

Private and Semi-Private Instruction

Equine Performance Partnership offers Private and Semi-Private Instruction in a small group formant. Often times sessions are structured to offer 4 sessions for no more than 4 individuals per session. Doug has something to offer all disciplines and levels of rider.

Public Events

Doug has really enjoyed being a highlighted clinicians at several large public events. While each forum, clinic and expo is slightly different, he focuses on bringing his philosophies to life so both participants and auditors can discover ways of putting purpose to Their horsemanship. Through open discussion and demonstration of proper position, feel and timing, Doug challenges his audience to explore just how little it takes the rider to communicate effectively with their equine partner.

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