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With wooded trails, grassy meadows, and crystal blue ponds, Jordan Oaks ranch is truly a small slice of heaven in the heart of Texas!

Located in Greenville, Texas the ranch serves as our home and headquarters for Equine Performance Partnership.  It has been a prime location for our continued involvement in the industry as well as given us a unique opportunity to share our passion and knowledge within the community.  

As a family, we take pride in stewarding our growing cattle and raising a few offspring by our ranch performance stallion, Playing With A Pepto. We have worked diligently to build the ranch into our home and a retreat to reconnect with the simplicities of life. Jordan Oaks ranch has been a dream in the making for sometime with even bigger things to come!

Jordan Oaks Ranch

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The Ranch Experience

Come and Stay

One of our larger goals for Jordan Oaks Ranch is to create a unique opportunity for those visiting. Our future plans include hosting private retreats where guests can come to relax, connect and of course, improve the connection with their equine partners. This will be an opportunity for all levels and disciplines to work on not only the fundamentals but a higher level of understanding to create a positive change.  

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