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Festival Magnifico and the Parelli Foundation, May 2017

From the article written by Kerul Kassel, President of the Parelli Foundation, and Seth Burgess, Director of Operations


On May 5-7, 2017, the Parelli Foundation hosted Festival Magnifico in Hamilton, Texas. During the weekend, we showcased our Rehoming 4 Life, Road to the Summit, Future of Horsemanship, and scholarship programs. The centerpiece of Festival Magnifico was a gathering of nine Master Horsemen to collaboratively demonstrate the potential of natural horsemanship. Horses helping people and people helping horses was the predominant theme throughout the event, as were key learning opportunities, uplifting stories, demonstrations of incredible horse-human partnerships, along with fun, exciting horsemanship challenges that attracted amateurs and professionals alike.

We are helping to create a world in which horses in equine therapy centers can enjoy enhancing the lives of people with physical, mental, and emotional challenges without being treated as “just another piece of equipment” and without “burning out?” We are also supporting youth and the career-minded who have the talent and desire to reach their horsemanship dreams, but who don’t have the financial means, get the support they need to excel and become leaders of horses and people alike, in their communities and beyond…all with your support, thank you!

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