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On Aftercare: Jordan Uses Hall of Fame Cutting Horse Technique to Better Transition Thoroughbreds

Thoroughbred Daily News. Thursday, November 21, 2019


It seems there is no end to the number of scenarios where off-track Thoroughbreds can adapt and expand the scope of their abilities in second careers. With the number of horses coming off the track that need transitioning, and the ever-increasing pressure on the racing industry to be effective in placement, it's important that the industry explore every avenue of effective transitioning and education of future owners/riders.

“I am interested in helping horses,” said Jordan. “Looking at the life of a race horse and the change they need to make motivates me to help people learn, with just a little observation and understanding from the human, what a horse is capable of. The Thoroughbred is very intelligent and sensitive and for them, that connection and relationship with their rider is very important for their success.” Doug Jordan at the Long Shadows Clinic | Diana Pikulski

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